In the process of training in this program, students receive knowledge in the design of art products and the choice of materials for the manufacture of artistic and industrial products; they engage in the development of technological processing of selected materials, including the calculation of technological parameters; acquire skills in assessing the aesthetic value of the finished product; learn the basics of the restoration of art objects; gain skills in the development and implementation of plans and modern methods of research of materials and technological processes in the creation of artistic and industrial objects; and perform assessments of reliability and experimental error in determining the physicochemical, technological and aesthetic properties of materials of different classes.


29.04.04 Artistic Materials Processing Technology

Mode of attendance
Full time
2 years
Language of training
Admission tests for international students
Field-specific entrance examination, diploma grade-point average, final qualifying work grade
Tuition fees
300 000 RUB per semester
Reasons for choosing a course
  • The work of a specialist in the field of technology art products is always on demand; it is multifaceted and includes artistic and design activities;

  • While studying at the University, students can take internships at various companies which helps with employment and future career growth;

  • A graduate who has obtained the necessary qualifications can count on a stable position at companies related to the production and restoration of artistic products, industrial enterprises, and cultural institutions.


Our graduates’ professional activity includes work at: research and design organizations, jewelry companies and workshops, restoration and museum organizations, among others. Graduates of the program are employed as engineer-technologists, restorers, design engineers, etc. at such companies as Ltd Progressive Foundry Technologies, Ltd  Seventh Heaven, etc.

Field of study
Artistic programming;
Modern design;
Computer simulation of technological processes;
Scientific restoration methods;
Diagnostics and processing technology of jewelry stones;
Modern materials art products;
Modern problems of technology artistic processing of materials;
Modern technologies of artistic processing of materials by laser radiation;
Manufacturing technology and art ceramics processing;
Technical aesthetics and design.
Graduate skills
Skills in planning and implementation of programs for individual and small-scale production of artistic and industrial products with aesthetic value;
Ability to determine and assign the technological process of materials processing with an indication of the technological parameters for the production of finished products;
Skills for the implementation of intermediate and final control of the material, the process and finished products;
Capacities of artistic and production modeling of the projected objects into real products that have artistic value;
Skills in the restoration of artistic objects using modern methods of physical, chemical and artistic analysis;
Experience in systematization and classification of materials and technological processes, depending on the functional purpose and artistic features of the object being manufactured;
Capacities for the development of stylistic unity of products;
Experience in the selection of the optimal material and its processing technology for the manufacture of finished products;
Ability to select the necessary equipment, accessories and tools to obtain the required functional and aesthetic properties of artistic and industrial products;
Skills in the design and creation of artistic and industrial products of aesthetic value, development of designing artistic or industrial objects;
Willingness to select the technological cycle for creating artistic products from different materials;
Ability to select artistic criteria for assessing the aesthetic value of finished objects;
Knowledge in the historical analysis of technical and artistic features in the manufacture of the same type of product group;
Skills in the creation of new art computer technologies that increase the aesthetic value of products.