In the process of training under this program, students get acquainted with the methods and means of obtaining substances and materials from products obtained by the oil, gas and solid fuel processing; study the physical, physical and chemical fundamentals of the processes of basic and fine organic synthesis, as well as polymeric materials. Students are trained for the creative application of acquired knowledge in creating new and improving existing technological processes and devices, understanding the social significance of their future profession.


18.04.01 Chemical Technology

Mode of attendance
Full time
2 years
Language of training
Admission tests for international students
Field-specific entrance examination, diploma grade-point average, final qualifying work grade
Tuition fees
300 000 RUB per semester
Reasons for choosing a course
  • Opportunity to engage in scientific activities during training at St. Petersburg Mining University;

  • Possibility of included studies in foreign partner universities with the issuance of internationally recognized diplomas;

  • Widespread demand on the market for specialists with in-depth knowledge of chemistry and technology of enterprises of mineral raw materials and fuel and energy complexes;

  • Integrated approach to training, including an in-depth study of chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical technology, modern analytical methods and the acquisition of necessary practical skills.


Graduates of this program get jobs at foremost companies in the mineral raw materials and fuel and energy complex, research and design institutions, as well as at petrochemical enterprises that produce a variety of chemical products; they are employed as engineers at laboratories, production facilities, technical departments, design bureaus and etc.

Field of study
Organic synthesis design;
Mathematical modeling in scientific research;
Heat transfer in heterogeneous systems;
History and methodology of chemical technology;
Theoretical and experimental research methods in chemistry;
Dispersion mechanics;
Modern problems of chemical technology;
Mass transfer processes in systems involving a solid phase;
Additional chapters of processes and apparatus;
Physical chemistry of organic and petrochemical systems.
Graduate skills
Skills to organize independent and collective work on the topic of research;
Skills in working with pre-design and project documentation of chemical enterprises;
Skills in application software packages when compiling mathematical models and performing design work for organic synthesis enterprises;
Outstanding skills in the implementation of qualitative and quantitative analysis of various chemical and physical and chemical processes at enterprises of organic synthesis.