In the course of training in this specialization, students become familiar with the theory of management, as well as acquire basic theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of economics, taking into account industry specifics. A special place in the learning process is given to the project approach to management by the functional areas of project management, management of production processes at the enterprises of the mineral and fuel and energy complex and mastering skills of working with software products.


38.03.02 Management

Mode of attendance
Full time
5,5 years
Language of training
Admission tests for international students
Mathematics, Russian language
Tuition fees
300 000 RUB per semester
Reasons for choosing a course
  • Opportunities to participate in national and international scientific events;

  • Prospects for conducting research work under the guidance of the department teachers;

  • Integrated approach to training which includes a classic approach to the study of economics and management, as well as modern methods of project management, its theoretical and practical aspects;

  • High demand for the labor market of specialized personnel with deep knowledge in the field of economics, management, and project management approach with consideration of the specifics of the mineral resource and fuel and energy complex.


Graduates of this specialization work take jobs in top-level companies of the mineral and fuel and energy complex, branch design organizations, economic departments of research and educational institutions, government bodies, consulting companies, engineering companies, etc. Graduates can work as managers, project managers, analytics, economists, marketers, etc.

Field of study
Management theory;
Evaluation and justification of the project;
Project implementation management;
Human resource management;
Project financing in the mineral resource complex;
Project development management;
Project risk management;
Multi-project management;
Strategic management at mining enterprises.
Graduate skills
Skills in organizing the work of the performers (project team) and in monitoring the progress of the project, including in the mineral resource complex;
Knowledge and skills in assessing the economic efficiency of projects, substantiation of organizational and management decisions in production, risk assessment;
Knowledge and skills to carry out organizational and management activities related to the development, justification and implementation of projects, including in the mineral resource complex;
Experience in application of software products for project management.