In the process of training in this speciality, students study information processes, technologies, systems and networks, their instrumental (software, technical, organizational) support, ways and methods of designing, debugging, production and operation of information technologies and systems in various fields: science, technology, education, administrative management, business, entrepreneurship, commerce, management, information systems security, process control, communications, telecommunications, information management communications and mining; ensuring the safety of underground enterprises and industries, geology, the oil and gas industry, geodesy and cartography, geographic information systems, as well as enterprises of various profiles and all types of activities in the information society economy.


09.03.02 Information Systems and Technology

Mode of attendance
Full time
5,5 years
Language of training
Admission tests for international students
Mathematics, Russian language
Tuition fees
300 000 RUB per semester
Reasons for choosing a course
  • Work in the IT industry involves ongoing training, internships and experience exchanges;

  • The demand for specialists in the field of information technology in various subject areas is high and the labor market in this sphere is highly developed;

  • The non-standard nature of the tasks to be solved makes incentives to constantly improve and develop professionally;

  • The salary of specialists in the field of information technology is higher than the average for the region, and with the gain of experience this gap only widens;

  • The IT-sphere is one of the most dynamically developing and promising areas of human activity, which largely determines the level of scientific and technological progress.


Graduates of this profile can work in IT companies of various fields of activity (software development, implementation of ready-made software solutions, system integration, etc.), at IT departments of enterprises and organizations of various sectors of industry (industry, trade, transport, medicine, education, housing and communal services, etc.), at banks, R&D institutes, and many other structures, regardless of their form of incorporation. Graduates of this speciality are in demand and presently work at such organizations as Ai-Teco Company, First Line Software Company, ITSC Company, Gazprom, Rosneft, MTS, Rostelecom, Sberbank, Baltiysky Zavod, Kirovsky Zavod, Silovyie Mashiny, etc. as lead programmers, IT technology specialists, software development project managers, leading WEB application development specialists.

Field of study
Corporate information systems;
Programming technology;
Computer architecture;
Routing and switching of computer networks;
Administration in information systems;
Infocommunication systems and networks;
Information processing technologies;
Integrated security information systems;
Operational systems;
Information system reliability.
Graduate skills
Skills in preparing project documentation;
Skills in applying database construction technologies, information processing methods, building local and global computer networks;
Skills in the use of software tools for the development and research of simulation models of information processes and in obtaining conceptual models of systems and constructing modeling algorithms;
Skills in information security to ensure the specified properties of information security;
Skills in supporting the processes of design, implementation and maintenance of information systems and technologies;
Skills in developing the architecture of information systems; implementation technologies, implementation of information system projects and methodologies for the use of information technologies in creating information systems.