In the course of training in this specialization, students receive comprehensive and deep knowledge of the current state and prospects of development of non-ferrous, rare and precious metals in our country and abroad; study theories and technologies of industrial methods for the production of non-ferrous, rare and precious metals from various types of ore, as well as industrial and secondary raw materials using modern processes that determine scientific and technical progress.


22.03.02 Metallurgy

Mode of attendance
Full time
5,5 years
Language of training
Admission tests for international students
Mathematics, Russian language
Tuition fees
300 000 RUB per semester
Reasons for choosing a course
  • High demand for specialists in metallurgy and metal working in the job market;

  • High variety of career options;

  • Impressive level of wages and social protection in metallurgical;

  • Prestige value: the metallurgical industry has a significant impact on the positive development of the economy of any country.


Graduates of this specialization work as technical professionals and engineering personnel at design and planning departments, mining and refining facilities of such companies as Polymetal PJSC, Severstal PJSC, Apatite JSC, SUEK-Kuzbass JSC, Norilsk Nickel PJSC, GlencoreTechnology, Gipronickel LLC , etc. They are also employed as experts at monitoring and supervisory services.

Field of study
Theory of hydrometallurgical processes;
Theory of electrometallurgical processes;
Metallurgy of rare metals;
Metallurgy of heavy non-ferrous metals;
Hydro and pyrometallurgical equipment;
Theory of pyrometallurgical processes;
Metallurgy of light metals;
Metallurgy of precious metals;
Materials Science. Technology of construction materials;
Basics of the design of metallurgical enterprises.
Graduate skills
Competencies in methods for thermodynamic calculations of the state of equilibria and analysis of the kinetics of physicochemical systems;
Ability to solve optimization problems for technological parameters in metallurgical processes, assess the capabilities of metallurgical equipment;
Competencies in performing technological and design calculations;
Knowledge of the theory and technology of industrial methods for the production of non-ferrous, rare and noble metals from various types of ore and secondary raw materials with the use of modern processes;
Competencies in the methods for substantiating the choice of hardware and technological design of the process, assessment of the profitability of the technology and its environmental impact.