St. Petersburg Mining University is the oldest technical school in Russia founded by the Decree of Empress Catherine II on October 21 (November 1), 1773. The Main Building of Mining University is the heart of the university campus. Built in 1811, it is located on Basil (Vasilievsky) Island, the main entrance looking onto the Neva River. The university administration, classrooms, laboratories, the library and the Mining Museum are located here.


21st line, 2, Vasilievsky Island, St.Petersburg, 199106

Total area

75 000 sq.m

Multimedia classes
Dining rooms
7 gyms and fitness areas

Director of the Training Center

Marina G. Dedina
The structure of the Main campus includes:
  • Ceremonial hall with a lobby and a VIP room
  • Conference hall (admission capacity: 194 people)
  • Mining Museum (20 halls with total floor area of over 4 000 sq.m)
  • 11 auditoriums (seating capacity: from 30 to 155 people)
  • Libraries (3 study halls and computer auditory)
  • St.Macarius the Egyptian House Church
  • 155 classrooms, including 54 auditoria with multimedia facilities
  • 38 University laboratories (total floor area of laboratory facility complex 240 000 sq.m)
  • 54 Research laboratories equipped with cutting edge equipment for fundamental and applied research (the total cost of the up-to-date laboratory facilities is over 2 billion rubles)
  • Sport centre (sports hall, climbing wall, boxing hall, martial arts hall of gymnastics, 2 gyms)