Litvinenko in Germany

Vladimir Litvinenko is a famous scientist, author of more than 150 scientific publications, including 5 monographs. He is co-author of 47 patents (including foreign) for utility models and inventions, and a leading expert in the field of fuel and energy and mineral resources complexes. His research interests include such topics as increasing the professional competence of engineers by creating a system of lifelong learning; drilling in the permafrost zone and on the Arctic Ocean shelf; increasing the efficiency of traditional energy resources and minimizing their negative impact on the biosphere; hydrogen technologies; and climate change.

Scientists of St. Petersburg Mining University get exclusive data on the latest developments at the Vostok station in Antarctica. Every year, they go to the coldest place on Earth in order to extract relict ice cores, up to half a million years old, from a depth of more than three thousand meters. Their subsequent study in laboratory conditions makes it possible to find out what was the climate on the planet at the time of core formation, to make graphs of its transformation and to make relatively accurate predictions for the future.